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Combine voice, data, inter-office systems on one network

bb电子糖果派试玩网站 offers integrated solutions which include enterprise-class managed services that leverage our high-bandwidth network against the company's core expertise in communication technology. 结合语音, data, inter-office systems on one network allows you to maximize a flexible system which works well for clients with single, 多个或临时办事处. 包 provide optimized solutions specifically addressing your unique needs.   


bb电子糖果派试玩网站 now offers our hosted VoIP phone systems as bundles with our high-speed 互联网.

bb电子糖果派试玩网站 业务 Telephone System is a flexible system requiring no central phone system purchase by the customer – meaning bb电子糖果派试玩网站 bears the expense of maintaining and replacing central phone system controllers should they ever break. 业务 Telephone System are ideal for businesses that have multiple offices or temporary sites, or those with more than two traditional phone lines.

Our 业务 Telephone System Has The Following Advantages:

  • Provides advanced communications with little additional cost and little to no capital expenditure.
  • Reduces overall telecom costs by delivering 互联网 and phone service via the same network cable and by allowing your voice and data to share capacity. No need to purchase capacity for 互联网 or voice calls which sit idle most of the time; our service dynamically allocates capacity to your needs second by second.
  • Easily integrates into users' email systems to create a Unified Inbox containing email, 传真, 和语音邮件.
  • Virtually unlimited capabilities for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and Auto-attendants.
  • Includes advanced features including call parking, 电话会议, 直接访问, 自动呼叫分配系统, 和更多的.
  • Integrates with other data systems in your organization.
  • Prevents "Vendor lock-in" by utilizing standards-based technologies.
  • Allows multiple offices/locations to work together seamlessly as a single phone system without requiring special phone lines or tie lines.
  • Easy adds/moves/modification with no wiring changes needed.

Review 业务 Telephone Features and FAQs for this Bundle


  • 商业互联网接入为您的业务
  • 网路电话服务
  • 附带听筒的VoIP电话
  • 语音信箱
  • 基本的IVR / auto-attendant
  • 管理防火墙/路由器


bb电子糖果派试玩网站 VoIP Service is a flexible system that works equally well for customers with a single office, multiple offices or temporary sites as well as those needing advanced features and expansion capabilities.  bb电子糖果官方网站 us today to discuss the solution that is a perfect fit for your business.

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